McKinleyville Backyard Retreat

nepeta, anemanthele, sedum

Swaying grasses and subtle color in McKinleyville…

This McKinleyville garden is only a year old, but thanks to fast-growing perennials and ornamental grasses, it’s already got a slightly more mature look to it. While the trees and shrubs are still filling in to balance out the backdrop, there’s already a lot of life and motion to the garden because of how quickly grasses and perennial flowers reach their ultimate size.

The owners wanted a low-maintenance landscape with a bit of room in between the plantings so that things could easily be kept in their places. Mini fir bark was used as mulch for a neat final appearance. Below, you can see the “before and afters” – again, only one year in (click on a Before/After photo to view it larger):

Before After McKinleyville landscape before after McKinleyville landscape design Before After McKinleyville Garden

Miscanthus styrax japonica sedum

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