Landscape Maintenance

Do you have a beautiful landscape, but lack the time and knowledge to really care for it properly?

Most people work hard, and find that while they love being outdoors and enjoying their garden, the responsibility of caring for it can get to be too much. That’s where we come in.

Plants are our passion, and we’ve been maintaining gardens in Humboldt County for nearly ten years.

If you’ve ever hired someone to weed your garden and they have pulled out your perennials, or if you’ve tried to prune your shrubs and been disappointed with the results – then you know why our services are in such high demand! We’re not a lawn-care company, since numerous lawn services have that covered. Instead, we focus on the skilled and ongoing work in the garden beds.

We are excellent at all kinds of:

  • Careful trimming and deadheading of shrubs and perennials
  • Small tree pruning
  • Weeding, raking and garden cleanup
  • Planting annual/ bulb displays and refreshing pots
  • Seasonal tasks such as fertilizing and adjusting drip irrigation
  • New plantings and garden renovations

In addition, we are skilled at landscape design, so if there are areas in your garden that need a little extra help, we can make recommendations on how to make the most of your space.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your garden is in capable hands. Our hourly rate is $65 for each skilled gardener on-site. Our employees are passionate about plants and are carefully trained in all aspects of plant care. The company provides health insurance, retirement, and other benefits to crew members; a rarity in the landscaping field.

Whether your garden is perfect as it is and just needs monthly or seasonal care, or if it needs a little extra help to reach its potential, give us a call today to talk about whether our services are right for you.

California Contractor’s License Number: 986304 

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.