Eureka Curbside Garden Strip


Low-maintenance color tough enough for the streetside…

This Eureka garden had a carpet of weeds along the “hell strip”, as it’s aptly called. Gardens along the street have to tolerate all kinds of unfortunate conditions – dog urine, vandalism and clumsiness on the part of passing people, as well as the reflected heat from both the fence and sidewalk. In this landscape, we were also dealing with a narrow garden bed, yet the space seemed to call for a bit of height to balance the trees behind the fence.

In addition, most curbside gardens need to be low-care, because it’s not as much fun to care for a garden when traffic is speeding by! Here’s a before and an after shot of this curbside strip:


IMG_9014 Groundcover at Eureka gate

I love the charming little groundcover at this gate!

It creeps a short way up walls and fences for a “secret garden” type look. It’s actually a relative of the purple Princess Flower tree that we see so often in this area, only with foliage more like Baby’s Tears than the semi-tropical Princess’.

Do you need help selecting plants for a curbside garden like this one? Give me a call today!