Curb-Side Eureka Garden

Pink Flower Carpet Rose

Profuse flowers in a low-maintenance landscape.

This is what it looked like when I was called in, and just after planting. What tiny, baby plants!

Before - the Baby Garden

And here’s what those plants look like three years later, with regular care and organic fertilizer to help them be their best:

eureka curbside garden

This garden gets a lot of compliments from folks walking past– the owners wanted a balance between cheerful, bodacious color, and not having to do too much garden maintenance.

We take care of the landscape maintenance once a month, and we spend about 5 hours per month taking care of this garden (there’s a back garden with lots of flowers, blueberries and some dwarf fruit trees, a front garden area around the walkway and door, and a long strip of flowers and low-maintenance shrubs along the drive).

For such a large area of planting, most gardens with a lot of flowers would require much more care to stay healthy and gorgeous.

Color! Vibrant, Vibrant Color.


I took care in the design phase to specify some real garden workhorses – plants that bloom almost constantly through the growing season but only need minimal care. Then we added some year-round interest by using a few ornamental grasses and plants with colored or interesting foliage, so that even in the depths of winter there is a feeling of motion and beauty in the garden.


Pink Flower Carpet Rose





Do you see elements of this garden that you might like? Call us today and see how we can help you create a gorgeous garden suited to your tastes and style.